How To Fix Code P1698

Best Answer:

  1. Check for loose and damaged wiring.
  2. Check for shorts and grounds.
  3. Check for open circuits.
  4. Check for resistance and capacitance values.
  5. Check for proper connection to the ECM.


1998 Jeep XJ P1698 No CCD Bus trouble code


How do I clear a P1698 code?

There are a few different ways that you can go about clearing a P1698 code. One way is to use a code reader or scanner to clear the code. Another way is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect it. This will usually clear the code.

What are the symptoms of a P1698 code?

The P1698 code is a generic OBD-II diagnostic trouble code that indicates a fault with the vehicle’s remote keyless entry system. Symptoms of this code may include the vehicle’s remote keyless entry system not working, the door locks not working, or the alarm not working.

What is the most likely cause of a P1698 code?

The most likely cause of a P1698 code is a faulty or damaged PCM (powertrain control module). The PCM is the main computer in a vehicle that controls all of the engine, transmission, and emissions systems. If the PCM is not working properly, it can cause the vehicle to run erratically or not at all.

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How do I prevent a P1698 code from happening?

P1698 is a code that typically indicates a problem with the vehicle’s battery or charging system. The best way to prevent this code from happening is to make sure that the battery is properly charged and that there are no loose or damaged connections in the charging system.

What are the consequences of ignoring a P1698 code?

If the P1698 code is ignored, it could lead to serious damage to the engine or transmission. Additionally, the vehicle may not run correctly and could stall or overheat.