How To Install Artificial Turf Infill

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  1. Prepare the base by removing any existing grass or vegetation, and leveling the surface.
  2. Install a weed barrier fabric over the prepared base.
  3. Spread the infill material over the surface of the turf.
  4. Use a power brush or rake to evenly distribute the infill.
  5. Install the turf on top of the infill.
  6. Secure the turf in place with nails or staples.
  7. Fill in any gaps between the turf and the edges of the area with more infill.
  8. Use a power brush or rake to evenly distribute the infill.
  9. Water the infill to settle it into place.

How to Install Artificial Turf Infill with Swagger

How to Install Artificial Turf – Infill

How do you install an infill on artificial grass?

Installing an infill on artificial grass is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to rake or brush the artificial grass in order to loosen up the thatch and allow the infill to get down into the turf. Next, you will need to spread the infill evenly over the surface of the artificial grass. Finally, you will need to brush the infill into the turf with a broom or power brush.

What kind of sand do you use for artificial grass infill?

The best type of sand to use for artificial grass infill is a coarse sand that is angular in shape. This type of sand will provide good drainage and support for the blades of grass. Avoid using fine sand or sand that is round in shape as it will not provide adequate support and may become compacted over time.

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What can I use to infill turf?

There are a few things you can use to infill turf, such as sand, rubber, or a combination of both. The most important thing is to make sure the infill is evenly distributed across the turf so that it can provide the necessary support and drainage.

How much sand do I need for artificial turf infill?

The amount of sand you’ll need for artificial turf infill depends on the type of turf you’re using as well as the size of the area you’re covering. For example, if you’re using a short-pile turf, you’ll need approximately 1.5 pounds of sand per square foot. If you’re using a medium-pile turf, you’ll need approximately 2.5 pounds of sand per square foot. And if you’re using a high-pile turf, you’ll need approximately 3.5 pounds of sand per square foot.