How To Install Atlas Throttle Lock

Best Answer:

  1. Before beginning installation, make sure that the vehicle’s engine is turned off and that the key is removed from the ignition.
  2. Locate the accelerator pedal inside the vehicle. In most cases, the accelerator pedal will be located on the right side of the driver’s seat.
  3. Place the Atlas Throttle Lock onto the accelerator pedal. Make sure that the device is positioned in a way that allows you to easily reach the lever with your hand.
  4. Use the included Allen wrench to tighten the set screw on the side of the Atlas Throttle Lock. This will ensure that the device stays securely in place on the accelerator pedal.
  5. To engage the throttle lock, simply push down on the lever. To disengage, simply pull up on the lever.

ATLAS Throttle Lock Installation for the Top and Bottom Kit

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How do you fit an Atlas throttle lock?

To fit an Atlas throttle lock, first remove the hand guard. Next, unscrew the two screws that hold the throttle housing to the carburetor. Carefully pull the throttle housing away from the carburetor, taking note of the placement of the springs and other parts. Slide the Atlas throttle lock onto the carburetor, then replace the throttle housing and screw it back into place.

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How do you install a throttle lock on a motorcycle?

There are a few different ways to install a throttle lock on a motorcycle. The most common method is to screw the throttle lock onto the handlebar. Another method is to clamp the throttle lock onto the handlebar.

Do throttle locks work?

Yes, throttle locks work by keeping the throttle in a fixed position, which prevents the engine from revving up or down. This can be useful when riding at a consistent speed, or when stopped at a light and wanting to avoid having the engine stall.

How do you install Crampbuster?

To install the Crampbuster, first remove the handgrip from the throttle side of the handlebar. Next, insert the Crampbuster into the end of the handlebar. Make sure that the Crampbuster is facing the correct direction, with the curved portion facing out. Finally, replace the handgrip and tighten it in place.


What tools do I need to install the atlas throttle lock?

Assuming you would like a list of tools necessary to install the atlas throttle lock:

-A trusty flat head screwdriver
-A set of allen keys or a hex key
-Wire cutters (in case you need to adjust the length of the atlas throttle lock)
-A ruler or measuring tape (again, in case you need to adjust the length of the atlas throttle lock)

What is the process for installing the atlas throttle lock?

The process for installing the atlas throttle lock is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Remove the old throttle lock from the bike.

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2. Install the new throttle lock onto the bike.

3. Make sure that it is tightened properly.

4. That’s it! You’re done.

What are the benefits of using the atlas throttle lock?

The atlas throttle lock is a great way to keep your engine at a consistent RPM while cruising on the highway. This can help improve your fuel economy and also reduce wear and tear on your engine.

Are there any risks involved with installing the atlas throttle lock?

Yes, there are risks involved with installing the atlas throttle lock. The risks include the potential for the atlas throttle lock to come loose and cause the vehicle to accelerate unexpectedly, which could lead to an accident. Additionally, the atlas throttle lock could interfere with the operation of the vehicle’s throttle body and cause the engine to stall.

What are the warranty and return policy for the atlas throttle lock?

The atlas throttle lock has a limited warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and does not cover damage from misuse or installation errors. If you have a problem with your atlas throttle lock, please contact us for a return authorization. We will then send you a return shipping label and instructions. Once we receive the returned throttle lock, we will inspect it and if it is determined to be a manufacturing defect, we will send you a replacement throttle lock. If the problem is determined to be caused by installation error or misuse, we will not be able to send you a replacement and you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

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