How To Install Strut Spacers

Best Answer:

  1. Purchase a set of strut spacers from an aftermarket retailer or online store specializing in automotive parts and accessories.
  2. Using a socket wrench or impact gun, loosen the bolts securing the top of the struts to the vehicle’s chassis.
  3. Carefully remove the strut assembly from the vehicle.
  4. With the strut removed, place the spacer between the strut and the vehicle’s chassis.
  5. Replace the strut assembly, and tighten the bolts securely.
  6. Test drive the vehicle to ensure proper function of the spacers.

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Do strut spacers affect ride?

Strut spacers do not usually affect ride quality. However, if the spacers are too thick, they can cause the suspension to bottom out. Additionally, if the spacers are not installed correctly, they can cause problems with alignment.

Where do strut spacers go?

Strut spacers are usually placed between the strut tower and the strut itself. This gives the strut additional support and prevents it from tilting or wobbling.

How do you install strut coil spacers?

One way to install strut coil spacers is to remove the strut from the vehicle and disassemble it. Then, the coil spring is removed from the strut and the spacer is placed between the spring and the strut body. The spring is then reinstalled onto the strut body and the strut is reassembled. The strut is then reinstalled onto the vehicle.

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How do you use strut spacers?

Strut spacers are used in conjunction with strut coilovers to provide lift and improve suspension performance. The strut spacer sits on top of the coilover and is held in place by the coilover’s top hat. The strut spacer raises the ride height of the vehicle and changes the suspension geometry. This can improve suspension performance by providing more wheel travel and improving suspension articulation.